Summer Tuesday Camps!
ages 4-11    8:30am-4:30pm  June 12 – August 21

Package Discounts: $120 for 3 camps, $210 for 6 camps, $330 for all 11 camps!
***Please call or stop in for package discounts, as our online registration system cannot calculate these discounts***

Join us each Tuesday this summer for an action packed day of activities, crafts, and games related to the day’s theme, plus open gym, morning & afternoon snack, and so much more!  Please bring a sack lunch for your child.

starwarscampJune 12 – Star Wars Camp: Grab a light saber and join the Resistance at Horizon’s Star Wars Camp! Help Riley, Finn, BB-8, and friends defeat Kylo Ren in the epic quest of good vs. evil. The Force has awakened at Horizon and campers need to get ready to defeat the First Order. Campers will learn to use the Force and train with their light sabers. The all powerful Jedi Master Yoda and Luke Skywalker will aid the campers in learning the way of the Force. All campers will go through the Jedi Training Course where basic combat will be taught for safe saber sparring. Jedi games and competitions will be held to help strengthen our commitment to the Force. At the end of the Jedi Training Course campers officially become a Jedi and receive a certificate! Join Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Riley on the Millennium Falcon, jump into hyperspace and head towards Star Wars Camp!!  Online Registration

combo3June 19 – Gymnastics Camp: This camp is perfect for any child who is interested in the sport of GYMNASTICS!  Campers will get to enhance their current skills and/or learn new skills on the trampoline, bars, beam, and tumbling. This camp will help develop strength and flexibility as well as the many life lessons that can be learned from the sport of gymnastics (confidence, leadership, motivation, team work and goal setting).  Get ready for a fun day of learning!  Online Registration

madscientist1June 26 – Mad Scientist Camp: There won’t be any homework here, only fun!!! Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put Mentos with Diet Coke, or wondered how to make your very own volcano? Have you ever wanted to roll your sleeves up and get crazy with science experiments? Then this is the camp for you. We have some crazy cool science adventures with a fun twist that also allows us to run, jump, and play. Can you believe we are offering an adventure into the world of science that allows us to also play games, get messy, or just make a mess!!! This camp is calling all Mad Scientist’s out there to come join the fun. We look forward to making a mess with you soon!  Online Registration

spykidJuly 3 – Spy Kids Camp: Your mission, should you choose to except it: join our Horizon Jr. Secret Agents for a day full of super secret activities. We need good detectives for some clever investigative work. Details for the camp are a mystery, however we can tell you there will be training in code breaking, surveillance techniques, searching for clues, team building activities, undercover missions and speed & agility training for those harrowing physical missions. Campers will make their own disguises and come up with their own code names. Campers will get a taste of what it is like to be a spy! Our up and coming spies will graduate with their Jr. Secret Agent license at the end of the Day!  Online Registration

ninjakidsJuly 10 – Ninja Warrior Camp: Campers are going to test their balance, endurance, strength and more as we take them through different tasks and obstacle courses. Campers will work as individuals and also in teams to pass different tests and courses.  From ropes to swinging monkey bars, there is something to help each warrior feel the empowerment of athletics. Horizon also has tons of additional equipment to make our warriors soar with our foam pit, beams, tumble track, ropes, bars, oversized mats and spotting blocks. Campers are guaranteed to climb into fun and face great challenges!  Online Registration

barbiecampJuly 10 – Barbie Camp: She’s a girl that knows what she wants and has the drive to be a star. Bring your Barbie and we will supply the rest. From clothes to shoes, cars to planes, our Barbies are going to play in style. We will have a fashion show and drive Barbie to her various mansions and town homes. Barbie will swim in her very own Barbie pool. Our Barbies will explore, discover and dazzle. Campers will get dolled up with updos and more. We will create Barbie jewelry for camper and doll!  At Barbie Camp every child is a star!! Don’t delay, join us for a dazzling good time today!  Online Registration

princesscampJuly 17 – Enchanted Princess Camp: Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a princess or have magical powers? Have you ever wanted to design your own princess castle, or make magical pixie dust and then soar into a world with princesses? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a princess for a day? There will be enchanting games, explorations, crafts, fun, and a couple surprises along the way. Dreams and imaginations are truly magical gifts. Come spend the day with us and feel the magic. We will enter the world of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and more. Come join us and see the magic that our princesses bring.  Online Registration

legocampJuly 17: LEGO Mania Camp: LEGOS are one of the very few toys that have been around for generations to enjoy. They allow the mind to create whatever it desires. It allows a child to feel the empowerment of success upon completing their own pirate ship or skyscraper. Is your child a young engineer? Do they enjoy spending hours building with LEGOS? If so, then sign them up today for LEGO Mania Camp. Campers will use their creative imagination and build skyscrapers, vehicles, and other gadgets! What a fun way to use their imagination and creativity!  Online Registration

NERF1July 24 – NERF Wars Camp: Your child’s excitement will not be contained during our NERF extravaganza: featuring tactical training, team building games, target practice and adventures through our geometric maze. Campers will get to work in teams and as individuals to help enhance their training skills. We will be using mats that allow campers to create the ultimate forts and hideouts. Please bring your favorite NERF gun to camp!  Online Registration

dollcamp1July 24 – American Girl Doll Camp: How many dolls can say they have been to camp? Bring your doll with you to American Girl Doll Camp and get ready for a day full of fun. We will foster imagination and creativity by providing plenty of group play time for your girl and her doll! The campers will explore different stations of play, from hair salons, babies, cooking, housing, and much, much more! We will get our dolls in on all the action by creating accessories to take home with us for our dolls to use every day! From creating to playing, baking to making, there is so much to do that you and your doll will leave with memories of laughter and fun. If excitement with your doll is on your agenda this summer, then sign up for American Girl Doll Camp and get ready for an American adventure!  Online Registration

superheroesJuly 31 – Superheroes Camp: Come join our mightiest heroes, Captain America, Spiderman, Thor and the Hulk to name a few, in our quest to become superheroes. We will be training and honing our skills with courses and activities designed just for us. Imagination is a must for Superheroes Camp, as role playing and thrilling adventure encompasses the camper’s experience. We have many exciting battles planned! Superheroes Camp is guaranteed to spark their ingenuity and provide exciting escapades!  Online Registration

breakdancingJuly 31 – Hip Hop & Breakdance Camp: Hip Hop & Breakdance Camp is fun, high energy, and upbeat! Your young dancer will begin with a thorough warm up taught to fast, bass pumping music, then learn today’s HOTTEST dance styles. Dancers learn to isolate their bodies with control, precision, and rhythm.Campers will learn several elements of breakdancing, including “toprock”, “downrock”, “power moves”, and “freezes”. This will be the “coolest” camp you ever attend and it will be a lot of fun too. Campers will have the opportunity to choreograph their own moves and are encouraged to freestyle and just groove to the music. All music and choreography will be age appropriate.  Online Registration

karatecampAugust 7 – Karate Camp: This camp combines modern, functional martial arts training with fun, games, and exercise for kids!. We will be learning kicks, punches, and more!  Karate camp develops children’s self confidence, provides them with exercise, teaches them self defense, and is a whole lot of fun!  Online Registration

cheercampAugust 7 – Cheer Camp: Cheer camp is all about experiencing one of the fastest growing sports in the country: cheerleading! Whether your child is already on a team, wants to prepare for a school team, or simply wants to have some fun, Cheer Camp is the place to advance their knowledge of the sport. Cheerleaders in this high-energy camp will learn to perform jumps, motions, tumbling and stunts, as well as learn about showmanship and teamwork.  Join us for a high energy day of fun!  Online Registration

glitzcampAugust 14 – Glitz & Glamour Camp: It’s a girls dream come true! Horizon Kids Complex is calling all fashionistas to come spend the day getting dolled up and being the star that they are! This camp is perfect for those who want to design their own hair accessories, jewelry, make-up and treats! Don’t miss out getting treated to some stylish up-do’s or visiting the mani station! We will be glamming it up with creativity and flair while playing a fabulous amount of spectacular games. We have some cool crafts that will test our designer skills!  Online Registration

piratecampAugust 14 – Yo Ho Pirates! Camp: Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me! Attention all scalawags and explorers! It’s out to sea we go on the Jolly Roger. Would you like to swing on a rope, drop into a sea, and build your own pirate ship? How about using a map and compass to find the Treasure of Cortes? These are just a few of the things every pirate will experience, after they sign their name to the list of crewmen and pledge their allegiance to their captain. Campers will work together to solve clues that will lead us closer to the Treasure of Cortes! Don’t miss out, or you just might have to walk the plank!  Online Registration

IMG_9964(1)August 21 – Action Packed Play Camp: Action Packed Play Camp is designed for the child that just wants to play. Campers will get to spend time at different stations throughout camp that will allow them the freedom to explore at their own pace. There will be game stations, arts and craft stations, painting stations, group games and activities, just to name a few. We want to bring the “play” back into summer. All campers will get to do just that – “play” in a fun, safe environment and make new friends along the way. What better way to spend a summer day than getting to “play with friends”? Please make sure to send your child with a change of clothes in case they decide to get a little messy.  Online Registration