Summer Camp Sampler
December 19-23, 2011, & April 2-6, 2012
Here’s a preview of our ever-so-popular Horizon Summer Camps! Pick a half day, whole day, or a whole week… the choice is yours! Your kids will have so much fun, they’ll be begging to come back for more!

Mon: JUST BEING A KID CAMP (4 – 11 yrs) 9-12pm
Do you want your child to run, jump, laugh, play and just have fun? If you answered yes, then Just Being A Kid Camp is the camp for you. This high energy camp is geared to wear your child out. Coaches will make use of all the equipment, mats and accessories available at Horizon to make sure that each camper has a blast. Our jam packed itinerary is sure to tucker out the most enthusiastic child. Our itinerary will include inflatable bouncers, forts, trampolines, jumping in the foam pit, dodge ball, jump rope, hula hoops and so much more!
Mon: Cooking Camp (4 – 11 yrs.) 1-4pm
A pinch of this and a lot of that! Does your child like to spend time in the kitchen with you, helping you cook? If so, this camp is perfect for them. They will spend time learning how to make easy, no bake meals with a hands-on opportunity to cook. Their creations will taste so good, it will satisfy everyone’s appetite!

Tue: Arts & Crafts Camp (4-11 yrs.) 9-12pm
Let your child’s artistic imagination soar! At Arts & Crafts Camp, your artist is sure to amaze you with their wondrous artistic creations. We have designed this camp to not only create fine art, but to be an educational experience as well. Our itinerary is sure to please even our quietest artists.
Tue: GYMNASTICS CAMP (4-11 yrs) 1-4pm
Does your child love being upside down? Do they swing on the bars? Do they love to jump in a sea of foam? If so, this camp is for them! Horizon offers a super “fun-tastic” gymnastics camp for the gymnast in everyone. Our staff will introduce new tricks, new fun and excitement-the excitement of feeling strong! The Horizon Complex Coaching Staff are safety certified and full of enthusiasm. They will help your child become a champion as they jump on the trampoline, twirl on the balance beam, tumble on the spring floor and swing on the bars. Our campers will be divided by age and ability levels to provide the most appropriate training for every athlete.

Wed: Spy Camp (4-11 yrs.) 9-12pm
I spy with my little eye… This camp is for kids that want to go on secret missions and covert operations! Our little gumshoes will be putting their detective hats on to solve a mystery!
Wed: Stuffed Animal Mania Camp (4-11 yrs.) 1-4pm
Have your child bring his or her favorite stuffed animal to camp! Campers, along with their stuffed friends, will be playing games, making crafts, putting on a stuffed animal talent show, and so much more!

Thurs: Scooby Doo Mystery Camp (4-11 yrs.) 9-12pm
Campers will have a blast becoming characters and role playing scenes from the hit children’s comic, detective series “Scooby Doo”. Dressing up and imagining the personalities of Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, Fred, and even Scooby, while solving many classic story line mysteries are just a few of the challenges that await these campers.
Thurs: Music Camp (4-11 yrs.) 1-4pm
In this camp, we are going to make as much noise as possible! Campers will be constructing their own musical instruments such as guitars and drums, and then learning songs on them! No musical experience is necessary– we are going to have a blast learning rhythm and patterning and making lots of noise!

Fri: Jungle Adventure Camp (4-11 yrs.) 9-12pm
We will be searching for jungle creatures with our binoculars that we make ourselves, as well as learning about jungle tribes and making tribal masks! Campers will go on a jungle safari, imagining what it is like to be an explorer in a real jungle!
Fri: Theater Camp (4-11 yrs.) 1-4pm
What child hasn’t dreamed of being their favorite actor on TV? This week, campers will learn a bit about acting while having fun making up skits, dressing up, and performing! We will be making puppets and putting on a puppet show as well– don’t miss this awesome camp!

Register from 9:00-12:00pm or 1:00-4:00pm or register to come 9:00-4:00pm! Just bring a lunch to eat with a member of our staff. FREE snack provided to all morning and afternoon campers. Camps are $19 for half the day or $35 for a full day. For half the day for the whole week, the price is $78, or $99 for all day! Register with a member of our staff at 616-669-7722 or online at