WisdomGym adds Spanish

WisdomGym is our academic preschool with a certified school teacher (Ms Amy) teaching.  She is absolutely awesome, by the way :).  WisdomGym is a “normal” preschool in every way except that we also teach gymnastics which can increase math and reading skills by up to 10% according to recent studies. 

So there is a double benefit here:  better academics and fitness too!  Horizon is proud to have self esteem as our number one tool for all aspects.  What better way to create a leader than to have a child believe in him or herself?

WisdomGym offers Zoophonics, Reading, Creative Stations, Gymnastics and new this term, Spanish!  Horizon is very proud of our program.  Children enrolled test out higher than average for kindergarten too because of the braingym activities used.  There is a double bonus here:  fitness and academics!

WisdomGym is for preschool ages 3 – 5 years old.  Give our office a call at 616-669-7722 if you would like more information and give your child the edge on life!  We look forward to talking to you soon.