Why self esteem matters

I’m sure you agree that most parents want their children to become happy, confident people, but it’s not always clear how to help them achieve that goal, right?  As you know, every child is different, even if they are from the same family!  Some things are important for all children – and self-esteem is one of them.

Helping your child develop good self-esteem has great benefits too, according to the National Mental Health Information Center.  Children with healthy self-esteem can deal with peer pressure and responsibility better than kids who feel badly about themselves.  They are also better able to deal with strong emotions, both good and bad, and  challenges and frustrations when they come up in everyday life.

The good news is that Horizon’s top priority is self-esteem!  Children learn self-esteem at Horizon through positive feedback as they are learning skills, being active and interacting with their peers.  If you watch, you’ll see the instructors giving many “high 5s” and many “that was a great try” and many other positive phrases.  There have been many parents stating that their children do so much better in school, and with their friends, with the positive reinforcement learned during gymnastics, karate, motion evolution, and dance.  The key is to have the children feel great about themselves . . .have the “I can do it” attitude.  And, teaching like this is fun for the children and for us as instructors too!

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