Why Horizon is Better . . .

All gyms are not created equal.  Horizon is centered on children and their self esteem.  It really doesn’t matter which sport the children are in – the goal is to make the student feel great about trying.  When you feel good about yourself, you have confidence to happily deal with life – and not worry about the “small” stuff, whatever that may be.  Here are a few more things that set Horizon apart:

  • individual rooms for different age levels – this totally helps with distractions and/or intimidations for preschoolers
  • large waiting area with comfy seating – free coffee
  • large viewing windows
  • booklets that each family recieves for free that explains what exactly the children are learning for each level
  • one stop fitness:  gymnastics, dance, cheer, karate, adult fitness including karate, yoga, bootcamp and a full fitness workout gym
  • national champions in power tumbling each year since 1997 (we feel it’s because of self esteem)
  • great summer camps – over 30 to choose from
  • great staff – all adults and all are safety certified
  • area doctor endorsed programs for safety and progressions – the video is on our website
  • area physical therapist endorsed programs for safety and progressions
  • teaching cds created by Horizon

Stop in and let us introduce ourselves and show you around.  We’d love to meet you!  If you have any questions, please give us a call at 616-669-7722.  Hope to see YOU soon.