What makes Horizon Complex different?

Self esteem is the answer!  Self esteem is at the core of Horizon’s philosophy.  Each program is designed to create a love of moving and a strong belief in self.  After all, when you believe in yourself, you are unstoppable.  We believe this world needs strong leadership and true leaders need to believe in what they are doing and have enough self esteem when challenged with negatives.

In teaching skills, Horizon always says, “That is a great try”  now let me help you do this or that.  Never, never “that was a terrible skill”, ever!  We believe we are on the right track since we have national champions in power tumbling every year since 1997! 

What better gift can we give children than to have them believe that what they are doing is great?  Positive reinforcement is the key.  Won’t you help us help the students by reinforcing whatever they are doing too? 

Here are some of our programs:

gymnastics, dance, cheer, karate, wisdomgym, birthday parties, fun nights, camps, field trips and more!  Join us for a  positive experience.  We think you will be glad that  you did!