What is progression training?

You’ve probably heard the term “progression training” before and wondered exactly what it was.  Well, progressions are small steps toward a larger end result, and in the case of gymnastics the end result is a skill.  Two of the main reasons for progressions in gymnastics are for body awareness and for safety.  It makes sense, right?  If you do a series of smaller steps and keep adding to the initial steps until you reach your “goal” step, you will feel stronger, more coordinated and more assured to yourself that you ARE able to accomplish the “end” step in that particular series.

Let me give you a two examples of progressions:

  1. forward roll – if you can do a forward roll, then it’s :          

   *forward roll with magic hands (that means not helping yourself stand back up by using the ground with your hands)   

  *forward roll step out (stepping one foot out when completing the forward roll to get ready for say, a cartwheel)

2.  cartwheel – if you can do a cartwheel, then it’s:

*opposite side cartwheel ( usually left side cartwheel)

*one arm cartwheel

*near arm cartwheel;  far arm cartwheel

*round off

As you can see, progressions lead to a better understanding of skills and a stronger body, balanced and flexible.  Progressions are also a fun challenge for the students.  Progressions keep the skill interesting for them, always challenging a different body position, which in turn, helps for strength and self esteem too!