What does Olympics, Pink and Gymnasts have in common? (and a special offer for you)

Here’s the answer:  The Olympic competition floor for gymnastics is PINK!   Wow, now that’s exciting and something we never, never would have imagined! 

The Olympic Games are so exciting.  We have been waiting 4 years for these games, right?  Just think of all of the wonderful athletes that are in the Olympic Games.  They all have tons of determination and spirit and we are happy to support them all!

 Do you have Olympic “Fever” like us at Horizon?  We have been competing in gymnastics nationally since 1997, (with national champions every year) so I guess you can say, we definitely have the “Fever”. 

Gymnastics is so good for you.  We are firm believers in that!   It helps

  • build strength
  • flexibility
  • self  esteem
  • determination
  • and a great personality too

We have an Olympic Special for you!  Simply print this and receive $10 off of one of the following, your choice:

  • gymnastics camp
  • gymnastics classes for summer
  • gymnastics classes for fall

For more information go to our website at www.thehorizoncomplex.com or give our office a call at 616-669-7722.  We look forward to hearing from YOU and hope to see you soon!

Enjoy the Olympics!