What are “movement” classes?

You have probably heard a lot lately about keeping active and moving, right?  Have you ever heard of movement classes?  What could they be?  What can be taught in a movement class you’re probably wondering.

Movement is connected with the brain.  Did you know that?  There has been a study in Florida several years ago, called the Smile Study and in the study gymnastics types of movement were examined in connection with academics.  Do you know what they found?  They found that by doing active movements LIKE gymnastics (it doesn’t have to be gymnastics) that reading and math skills can go up by 10%!  Now that’s impressive.

So back to the questions as to what are movement classes?  They are classes in which there are structured active movements to promote coordination, flexibility, strength and agility which go hand in hand with promoting health and academics.  Horizon has a class, which is licensed in the U.S. and abroad, called Motion Evolution.  There are many types of movements in this class!  It even has it’s own website at www.motionevolution.com for your convenience.

If you ever have any questions, please give our Horizon office a call at 616-669-7722 and we’ll be happy to explain further!  Have a great day.