What 90% of Americans agree on including Hudsonville and Jenison

Did you know that polls show that 90% of Americans agree that the only true measure of wealth or success  is relationships?  I think that is awesome!  It makes you think, though, doesn’t it? 

 I thought you might be interested in this poll since that is probably one reason you are at Horizon (or thinking of coming to Horizon)- to build your children’s self esteem.  Having great self esteem  helps in building relationships, which, in turn, leads to success.  Having great self-esteem also leads to achieving better grades, happiness with yourself and relationships with others including your family and friends.  Now, that is an “unfair advantage”,  having great self esteem and great relationships!   In the end, being happy and fulfilled with our personal relationships is the goal, right? 

Here are 3 questions that we could ask our selves that might help us:

  1. What is one thing that we could choose to do for someone in our family today?  Maybe something unexpected like a note to someone.  When we begin this as adults, our children will follow our lead 🙂
  2. What is one unexpected thing we could do for someone else today?  Appreciating something someone did possibly?  Could be in school (for your children) or in a store maybe for us?
  3. What is one thing we could do for our self today?  Maybe exercise, read one chapter in a book we love, take a nap . . . . .this can go for us as adults and for our children.

Focusing on these 3 “choose-to-dos” makes them very powerful.  As we do them, we all will find our self  becoming more relationship-oriented, and more balanced and pleased with our life just as the polls show.  We find that we really do value our relationships, which in turn, makes us very successful in  life!