The relationship between health and attitude

Do you think there is a relationship between health and attitude?  I believe there is.  It’s pretty simple, really.  For the most part anyway.  If you believe in yourself, you can do most anything, right?  That’s attitude.

Here’s an example.  Did you happen to see the video recently of Tony Robbins conducting a very large seminar and getting everyone excited?  He ended up with the people walking across fire.  Can you believe that?  Most of the people there couldn’t believe they could do that (walk across fire) at first either, including Oprah.  Well, you know the outcome.  They did it!

Now, we have to admit, that’s largely because of their attitude.  We can have a great attitude too.  If you think about healthy living is a large part attitude.  As in, what did you eat today?  Did you have fruit, vegetables and reasonable size helpings?  That’s a start, right?  Let’s go from there and have a healthy attitude about health :).

Have a great day!