Teaching self-esteem through dance

Do you know who Albirda Rose-Eberhardt is?  She started out as a professional dancer, singer and actress in the 1970s and then she said she felt her true calling was in education.  So, as she was working as a full-time professor in the School of Music and Dance at San Francisco State University,  Albirda Rose-Eberhardt founded the Village Dancers, a SFSU community-service learning program.  The program was designed to help children work through their challenges and use their personal power through movement, singing and dance performance.

This is what she said:  “Some of our children  are coming from a mean, cruel society  out there, and I try to get them to understand that they are somebody and they are doing fine and that they have a right to be who they are, and say who they are and to project that.”

We, at Horizon Complex, believe that too.  Self-esteem is our top priority.  It makes such a difference in children (and adults too).  By consistently praising the movements (even if they are not exactly right), the children learn to love to move and start to believe in themselves.  After all, that is what we all want, right?  When children believe in themselves, the sky is the limit and dance is a great confidence and self-esteem builder!