Success Story – Two girls on synchronized tramp

Do you know what synchronized trampoline is?  It’s just like synchronized swimming where all swimmers do exactly the same thing, except on the trampoline.  In syncro trampoline there are two trampolines, so two gymnasts trying to bounce and do skills at exactly the same time on two trampolines which are side by side.

  A few years ago, at Horizon, we did not have two “hot” bed trampolines, like we do now.   Hot beds are very bouncy and are required for competition at the Jr. Olympic games.  If you think about it, to bounce exactly at the same time with your trampoline partner, you should have the same type of trampoline “hot” bed, right? 

Remember, when I explained how self esteem and confidence are so important?  Well, these two gymnasts worked on Horizon’s two trampolines, each with a different type of bed, one like a back yard tramp and the other being a “hot’ bed (very different bounces).  They switched trampolines frequently so both would be able to adjust their bounces and skills to the other.

At the J.O. games that year, guess what happened.  They WON GOLD in syncronized trampoline!  We are so proud of them, and not because of winning gold, but in believing in themselves.  (gold is good too, though :)).  As you might guess, at the J.O. games the trampoline beds were both “hot” beds, and they had never practiced on two hot beds at the same time.  By believing in themselves they were able to adjust their bounces and win!

Have your children learn to believe in themselves!  It is great!

Horizon has great classes that enhance self esteem.  Try one for free if you would like.  We think you’ll be glad you did!