Research, obesity and childhood antibiotics

Obesity and childhood antibiotics – who would have thought they would be related?  I know there has been quite a lot in the news lately about antibiotics, so I thought you would like an update to the latest information.

According to an article in the Washington Post by Hristio Boytchev, it says that the use of antibiotics in young  children might cause changes in the intestinal bacteria that can lead to obesity.

Martin Blaser, the leading researcher stressed ” that bacteria play a crucial role in the uptake of nutrients from food, and that their perturbation – by antibiotics, for example – should be considered more carefully.  Antibiotics are poisons for bacteria and normally affect beneficial bacteria in the gut together with the  pathogens they are supposed to target.”

The scientists are considering their results preliminary. 

 Some information to be aware of  and follow for the  health of our children.