Programs for Infants/Toddlers

Have you seen the studies stating that small children can increase their learning ability by up to 10% and beyond by doing movement activities?  You probably know, Michelle Obama is on this mission as well and knows the value of movement.  Besides moving, Horizon believes FUN and SELF ESTEEM  are a definite part that excites children to move and enjoy the activity even more!

We have done our own internal study and the results are amazing!  We charted children that have been in our program for at least 8 months compared to children just beginning.  Coordination, flexibility and strength are the components we measured.  I will give you a summary of 3 year olds:

                                                                         3 year olds

                           just beginning                                                  8 months or more in Horizon program

coordination:               8%                                                                          57%

flexibility                       33%                                                                        68%

strength                         25%                                                                         51%

The results are exciting.  We charted jumping, running, “L” hangs, peak a boos, stepping over objects, forward rolls, log rolls, stretching and much more.  Keeping children active is truly a benefit.  If you would like more information about Horizon’s programs, please give our office a call at 616-669-7722,’

Have a great day!