The Technique of ‘Safe’ Falling

No matter your age, falling can be very dangerous business.  For some strange reason, our natural instinct is to stick our arms straight out when we are falling.  Most often, we don’t end up ‘catching ourselves’, but rather breaking an arm! That’s why we teach safe falling techniques. Whether you or your child are on the balance beam, climbing a tree, riding your bike, roller blading, jumping on the trampoline, or standing on a chair to reach the snacks on the high shelf, it’s important to understand that if you fall correctly, there’s much less of chance of getting hurt.
The mechanics of a proper fall are pretty simple—tuck and roll. Keeping knees bent and chin tucked can prevent many injuries to arms, legs and that oh, so important noggin!
So, be watching your child’s class for Horizon’s Falling Clinic. We’ll be playing some fun games to teach your little Humpty Dumpty not to crack up!
Tucking is the thing to do,
It’s for everyone, and you, too!
Falling forward, roll in a ball,
It’s a quick somersault, that’s all!
Falling back, tuck your knees to your chest,
Keep your arms in close and you’ll be the best!