Outlook on Obesity is pretty Grim

A few days ago there was an article written by Nanci Hellmich from USA TODAY stating that the U.S. obesity rate could hit 50% by 2030.  That is pretty scary news, wouldn’t you say? 

There is a new study out that suggests that if the upward weight-gain trend of the past few decades continues on the same track it is on, then the number of obese people will go up a ton.  On that track, the number of obese people in the USA could increase from 99 million in 2008 to 164 million by 2030, and even more scary – health care costs would soar as lots more people develop weight-related diseases such as type 2 diabites, heart  disease and cancer.  Let’s not let that be us!

Our environment actually encourages weight gain and inactivity if you think about it.  Look at all of the time playing video games and watching tv.  Besides the video game and tv trend, the “quick” foods that we all pick up at times are loaded with unhealthy items.  Take a look at the packages.  Look for salt, sugar and processed items, mostly not good for us. 

Exercise and whole foods (that come fresh from the ground) are said to be the best and also are the best “ingredients” to counter the obesity trend.  A positive mind set and family fun activities are key.  Why not have your children help plan healthy meals and then lead the family on a walk or hike?  Getting children involved is so much fun and is beneficial to their self esteem.  Other exercises as dance, gymnastics, soccer, swimming and many more activities are also great to keep us moving and in shape.  We all win in the process!

Did you know that Hudsonville is known as the “Salad Bowl” City?  That being said, there should be a lot of fresh grown food right in our own back yard. 

Here’s to a great fall season!  Enjoy 🙂