New Recipe for the week

Hi Everyone! 
 Here is our once per week recipe segment.  There are recipes that are sometimes foods and anytime foods.  Of course, the anytime foods are the healthy foods that you and your family can have anytime.  The sometime foods are the foods that are not quite so healthy and you will need to make choices about how often you serve these.

Here is the new recipe:

Fruit Pizza

1 small package Pillsbury sugar cookie dough

1 8 oz package cream cheese, softened

1 large container cool whip

4 cups of any kind of fruit

Cook sugar cookie dough either as 1 large pizza, small cups or small cookies at 350 – cooking time will depend on what type of cookie you are making (generally 6 – 7 minutes for small cookies, longer for one large cookie).  Do not  over-cook.  Whip softened cream cheese, then add in cool whip until nice and smooth.  Place in Ziplock bag, cut off tip, pipe frosting onto cookies.  Decorate with fruit.  Enjoy!