New class for the inactive children at Horizon in Jenison

  I thought you might be interested to know about a new program that we are offering, beginning this fall.  It is called Motion Evolution, MoEv for short and is for overweight and/or inactive children.  This program is a national/international program and needs to carry a license to offer it – which Horizon has :).    We are offering 20 scholarships to help out anyone that needs help; 10 for the 5 – 7 age group and 10 for the 8 – 12 age group.  If they qualify for the scholarship, it would only be $10 per month, regularly only $29.   Myself, Janet and Crystal just went to a workshop in St Louis this May with all of the creators of the program there.  It was very interesting and such a wonderful idea. There is a specific “brain” part with the brain expert creating that part as well as a nutritional component and of course exercise, which is us!  It is all rolled into one super program. Several gyms in the U.S. are already doing something similar and they will be merging in to MoEv.  They were in St. Louis to give us even more ideas of how to run it.  It was great!   This summer and fall I am trying to get the “word out”.  Possibly some of the businesses in our area would be helpful or have ideas to promote this program.  PTA fund raisers is a thought for fall.  Or possibly Scouts might be able to use this for a badge.  A relationship with local chefs for the nutrition part and cross marketing is also a thought.  One of the gyms involved has a partnership with a pediatrician in her area (Utah).  The Dr. gives “prescriptions” to the children he feels could benefit from the program.  OTs and PTs are other thoughts.   The program is initially 12 weeks long and can go much much longer, with the end result of setting a healthy process in motion for life as the goal.   We will be holding the class in the dance room, not the gym, (at least at first) as the gym might be too intimidating for children that do not exercise.  I am really excited to get this off to a good start and thought maybe you would be able to help.  If you have any ideas, please give me a call at Horizon at 616-669-7722 or send me an email.   Thanks and have a great day!