New $10 Fun Night

Did you know St. Patrick’s Day is coming up?  So is St. Patrick’s Day FUN Night!   It’s this week Saturday, March 12, 2011.   And, it’s only $10.  If you join us on facebook by Tuesday at midnight, March 8, 2011 you can save 25% too!  Here is the link: 

There will be a large obstacle course, trampolines, games, craft and more!  Ages 4 – 6  &  7 – 12 split according to age.  The time is 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. 
If you wear something GREEN, anything at all, you will get a prize!  You must have something green, right?
  Join us!  How about calling right now?  The Horizon number is 616-669-7722.  You can pay right over the phone.  And remember, self esteem is always the most important thing besides safety at Horizon!