National Champions

Power Tumbling.  Do you know what power tumbling is?  A lot of people do not.  The sport of Power Tumbling is similar to gymnastics only using the trampoline, rod floor and double mini to compete on, rather than the balance beam, bars, floor and vault.  The kids just love it!  Horizon has had national champions ever since 1997 each year we competed. 

We believe the reason we have national champions is because of self esteem.  What can be more important than believing in yourself?  The goal of Horizon Complex is NOT to compete, but to have children that are secure in themselves.  Wouldn’t you love to see your child be a leader in his own way, believing in him/herself?  It’s just the best in our humble opinion.

Give our office a call at 616-669-7722 to enroll in one of our programs or to get more information.  Here’s to self esteem in  chldren!  After all, they are the future leaders of our world.