Making Health “fun”

With all of the talk about keeping moving and having moving help keep you healthy, I thought you might like a few suggestions on how to make movingfun.  One example is swinging on a rope.  You can see a picture of that on our facebook page.  I am doing Active Kids/ Project 52 (for 52 weeks in a year) and putting a different active child(ren) on the Horizon Facebook page each week.  You can also look there for more suggestions on how to keep active while having fun!

Here are a few more examples:

  • simply taking a walk
  • playing active games as hide and seek
  • playing catch
  • building a snow man (or sand castle)
  • also there are many organized sports as gymnastics, dance, cheer, soccer, karate and even open gym.

Basically anything that keeps you moving and having fun is a good fit.  Enjoy your day and try to keep moving in your day!  ;).  Have a good one!