Making Exercise Fun

We all know that it is important to exercise, but the big question is how to make exercise fun.  If exercise is not fun, our children (and us too) will not be very good at continuing to exercise, right?  Here are a few tips to keep exercise      f un and therefore build a healthy body and healthy self esteem:

  • Exercise with a friend (any kind of exercise will do :)) – pick someone with lots of energy, fun and someone that you like – this could be a parent or a neighbor or school friend or anyone you can think of 🙂
  • Do group classes such as gymnastics, dance, or karate and have an instructor to keep your form and effort good and be motivated to go each time.  Make sure the instructor is full of positive input!!
  • Mix it up; do different forms of exercise each day.  Some examples are playing ball one day and doing gymnastics the next day.  Or, playing soccer one day and dancing the next day.  Or swimming, or hiking or playing with your dog. 

You get the picture.  Make exercise fun and different each day.  That way your children will love to exercise and miss exercising if they have to sit all day :).