Look How Strong I Am!

Classes are booming at Horizon!  We think there’s a reason for that.  Safety and fun while learning new skills are key.
Look How Strong I Am!

Have you seen our “enclosed” rope?  It’s great for climbing and safety too!

It is more difficult than you might think, as it also swings a little when you are climbing it!  Quite a challenge.  The students think it is fun, fun, fun!
We know a secret.  They are actually getting stronger using their muscles to go up, up, up!  And, there are more benefits too:
  • increased muscle memory
  • coordination – they also must come down 🙂
  • confidence
  • self esteem – they are so proud
  • and fun, fun, fun!

Take a look the next time you are in.  We think you’ll be impressed with what the students can do :).  We are!