“Lessons Learned from Losing”

Most of you know that today’s children are known as the, “Everyone gets a trophy generation”.  Sometimes we are reminded of what a great opportunity for growth losing is.  When your kids don’t remember a skill (or routine) or what exactly they need to do, that is a perfect opportunity for personal growth for that child. 

Have you seen the commercial with Michael Jordan where he says he missed 26 game winning shots and lost 300 games and that is why he is a winner?  Share that with your children.  What about Abe Lincoln (lost almost every election he entered), Thomas Edison (10,000 times to invent the light bulb), Dr. Seuss had to make up that funny name and submit his manuscripts again after 30 denials.

There are so many stories that can make your child feel like “losing” is ok.  The key is to keep trying, right?  Hopefully with some stories like the above examples, your children will feel that losing sometimes, is part of winning.

Have a great day!