Is dirt good for us?

The latest news on dirt is that playing in the mud, grass, and puddles reduces stress and strengthens the immune system.  Now that’s a surprise, right?  Dr. Uchebike Nwankwo, a Grand Rapids internist and pediatrician, thinks it’s a great idea to write a prescription at well-child visits to get kids outside every day.

Outdoor play has been shown to reduce stress, boost immune systems and improve far vision, according to the G.R. Press.  One study, by Bristol University, even found a bacterium in soil helps produce serotonin, which can improve mood the way anti-depressants and exercise do.

Now we all have a good reason to go outside and get dirty.  There’s always soap and water to wash us later 🙂

For more on this information, also refer to the G.R. Press, April 22, 2012.