Horizon’s competitive teams

Did you know that Horizon has 2 types of competitive teams?  A lot of people do not know that, so I thought I would explain the teams and the difference.

One type of team is the Recreational Team (Rec for short).  They learn how to compete with judges, have matching leotards, warm ups and bags.  This Horizon Team competes at home (Horizon) meets, so there is not traveling involved.  They meet only one day per week for 2 hours.

The other team is the AAU/USTA Team (AAU for short).  This team also  has matching leotards, warm ups and bags and this team does travel to meets.  The travel is mostly in the closest states to Michigan (and in Michigan too).  There also is a national meet each spring and we are proud to say, that Horizon has had national champions every year since they started competing nationally in 1997.   AAU Teams meet only 4 hours per week, 2 hours for 2 days each.

 I would also like to say that winning is not our purpose (as nice as it is), but self esteem is our purpose.  It is great to see the students compete with peers and in front of an audience.  What a great accomplishment.

Team try outs are each spring.  No one is turned away, so if you are interested, stay tuned for the try out date!