Horizon Recital is coming . . .

The Recital is soooo much fun!  The students get to “show off” all of their hard work to their parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, you get the picture, everyone!  They are so proud!  There will be a routine to music for each class to do together.  In the routine, they will tumble as in forward rolls, cartwheels, even flips for the older students. And then, there is  individual time for activities like jumping on the trampoline, being strong on the bars or balanced on the balance beam!  

  A few years ago, one of the little 2 year olds, kept doing forward rolls and forward rolls and forward rolls.  He didn’t want to stop.  It was pretty funny.  The neat thing was that the other students just ignored him and kept right on going with their routine!  Amazing!  You never know what might happen with children involved! :).

Make sure to take your cameras!  You’ll love the memories!