Gymnastics Can Make You Smarter? You Bet!

Can gymnastics really make you smarter?  Why, yes it can.  Let’s look and see how it works.

Reading, writing, focus and great connections for math too are a benefit from gymnastics!
For this post, let’s talk about reading and math. By doing an activity as gymnastics, math and reading scores can go up by 10%!  That’s amazing!

Brain connections are made through an important system that is deep within the inner ear called the vestibular system.  This works together with the brain to integrate auditory, visual, and tactile input.

Specific types of movements common to gymnastics help the vestibular system develop properly.  These include the back and  forth movement of swinging, the  rotational movement as in twisting, and the up and over movement used for rolling.

Cool stuff, right?  What a huge and fun benefit!  Gymnastics benefits both the brain and the physical fitness of the body!

For more information, simply give our office a call and/or set up a FREE trial class to see for yourself!  Horizon incorporates fun with learning, so it is virtually painless to get smarter 🙂