For those of you who “do” Halloween

Just as in gymnastics or any sport, safety is always important and that goes for Halloween too.  Here are a few points to remember for Halloween:

  • Have your ghosts and goblins wear costumes that they can breathe in – you know, nothing too confining
  • If there is a mask with the costume, check to make sure they can see out of it
  • Even better, how about using face paint instead of a mask?  That could be fun 🙂
  • Comfortable footwear is a must – especially if they go outside with their costumes on door to door – or even if they are at an inside party, safe footwear makes it so much easier to move around.
  • And if they do go door to door, please make sure an adult is along with a flashlight – it does get dark pretty early these days . . .
  • Reflective tape is an idea to apply to the costume.  It will make your little ghost or goblin  so much easier to spot when the headlights shine on them.
  • Stay in a familiar neighborhood and be sure to inspect all treats before consuming them.

Make sure to have tons of fun!