Fantastic Birthday Parties at Horizon!

Birthday Parties!!!!  Yea, they are so much fun!  Horizon just hosted a double birthday party this past Saturday.  There were 47 children in attendance!  What a blast!  The children had so much fun jumping in the bounce house, “swimming” through the foam pit, playing games, eating cake and so much more!  And, it was structured and safe too!  (I knew you were wondering about that :)).

And having a birthday party at Horizon is so easy! 

  • invitations are provided
  • the lobby is all decorated in real “birthday” fashion
  • all of the entertainment for a solid hour is planned (or more if you like)
  • setting up the table and the cake and drinks is complete
  • helping with the opening of the presents (keeping  track of who gave what)
  • and even writing out the thank yous!
  • and of course, all of the clean up

We thought you might like to know about Horizon Birthday Parties!  Our newest addition for the Birthday Party Fun is “tailor made” just for you Birthday Parties.  What that means is that you can pick how much or how little you would like to be involved.  There are now budget Birthday Parties and Premium Birthday Parties (and levels in between too).

Simply call our office for all of the details!  The Horizon number is 616-669-7722.  Have a great Christmas Season!