Family Fitness at Horizon in Jenison

The American Council on Exercise recently stated that gyms across the country are offering fitness for the entire family.  This has to do with childhood obesity and inactivity for adults and children.  If you are looking to do something healthy for you and your children, come to Horizon Complex/The Escape Fitness Center for a FREE trial.  Your children can try a fun, active class in gymnastics, dance, cheer or karate and you adults can try a yoga, karate, bootcamp or 3 day trial pass in the fitness center at the Escape in the same building as Horizon and owned by the same people – – all for FREE.  What better time to get active and healthy? 

Studies show that when children exercise in a sport as gymnastics or dance or something similar, their reading and math scores can go up by up to 10%!  What a great boost to self esteem! 

It doesn’t take much for a body to get back in shape with a little effort and the right directions.  Give us a call at 616-669-7722 or 616-669-3447 if you would like more information in general  or on class times.  We hope to see you all soon!