Experience Excellence – a story for you . . .

Thank you for trusting in Horizon.  We appreciate YOU!  I thought you might like  to hear about a story that happened a couple of years ago to one of our students.  This kinda drives home the self esteem that we so believe in 🙂 and the experience of excellence in life.
There was a car accident (everyone is ok), and the passenger (one of our students), was in the front passenger side that got broadsided.  She lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital.  As you can imagine, it was a scary time.
To jump ahead, at first when she started healing, she couldn’t walk.  Then slowly she walked with a lot of help.  This was in the month of May.  As she has a lot of determination (and self esteem doesn’t hurt either), she started very slowly jumping on the trampoline after a few weeks.  Then more and more, even though she was still very sore.  This seemed like a long process at the time.
When August came, (only 2 months later) and the Jr Olympics, she was ready (or at least determined to be ready for her partner in syncro tramp).  Well, guess what?  They won GOLD!!!!  This is a great accomplishment, wouldn’t you agree?  Even for people that were not in a car accident!  I don’t tell you this to brag, but to show how self esteem in yourself can really help in life!
Please join us and experience excellence for yourself and your family!  You never know what may come your way in life.
Have you heard?  We now have “kids karate” for ages 3 – 5!  This will be so much fun and it is a brand new class starting this fall.
What else is new? 
  • 2 new “rock’n” dance instructors
  • a “rock’n” very organized office staff
  • a “rock’n” Born To Flip new director – full of great new ideas!
  • brand new Wisdom Gym complete with a new cirriculum!  (this is our academic preschool for 3 – 5 year olds)
  • cheer for high schools – keep safe and do great!
  • community outreach – we will come to your events and entertain!  Led by our new assistant activity director
  • workshops at the libraries and area events for children and adults

  For more information on any of the above, give our office a call at 616-669-7722.

Our website also has a ton of information about all of our programs at www.thehorizoncomplex.com.

New – “Kids Karate”
A brand new program designed for self esteem, discipline, coordination and of course, fun!  Ages for this class are 3 – 5 and the next age for karate is 6 – 11.  Then 12 – adults.  You will LOVE our karate instructor!  We do 🙂  Why not join us?  Give our office a call and get registered now.