Exercise for Life

How do YOU feel about exercise?  If you feel good about exercise, there’s a really good chance that your children will feel good about exercise too.  It’s sorta like when you see other people enjoying themselves, even smiling, it makes you smile too, doesn’t it?

They say the very best time to instill values in our children is when they are young.  So, with that line of reasoning, the more fun the children have exercising, the more they will want to exercise, right?

Fun nights, camps, open gym, gymnastics, dance, motion evolution, and karate are all offered at Horizon in a FUN way!  Self esteem (the REAL self esteem, meaning telling a truth and not just saying it to say it) is first and foremost at Horizon.  If we can get the children to love to move and have fun, then hopefully it will become a lifestyle for life.  It’s so important to well-being and health, wouldn’t you agree?

Give us a call today at 616-669-7722 if you would like  more information or just scroll around our website.  We’d love for you to join us anytime!