Doctor testimonials about Horizon

Thought you might like to know that we have a sports doctor, pediatrician and physical therapist that have given testimonials about Horizon and our teaching methods – you know, the positive self esteem teaching, right?  These professionals are right from our area.  Here are they are:

  •  Dr. Steven VanNoord:   simply go to our website and click on the youtube button.  He is right there endorsing Horizon.
  • Dr. Kurt Meppelink:  go to  Dr. Meppelink’s endorsement is on the left side of the first page.
  • Steve Bartz, P.T. says:  Horizon Complexes’  “Peek-A-Boo”, “Cartwheel Club” and “Born To Flip” programs provide children an excellent opportunity to progressively develop motor skills.  Their approach (Horizon’s) is systematic and fun!

Watch our youtube for Steve Bartz coming up soon!

We are very excited and proud to be endorsed by such professionals.  If YOU have any questions about our programs, please give our office a call at 616-669-7722.

Thank you and enjoy this beautiful week!