Cross-training for kids?

Have you heard about cross-training for kids?  It’s so much fun and takes exercise to a new level!  It can include running, gymnastics, calistenics and weightlifting.  The key is modification for children to ensure safety. 

When kids are having fun, exercise is fun too.  An example of that is push-ups.  In a lot of sports, push-ups are a punishment, but not here.  When they are included in the competition and games, they are fun (and beneficial too!).

Also, children gain confidence from accomplishing something difficult and that affects self-image.  They focus on what they can do rather than what they look like.

Another example is pull-ups on the bar.  With children, holding on to a bar a few inches above their heads, jumping and trying to keep their chin up for a few seconds is the challenge.  When they accomplish that, they are so proud!

Horizon always does a form of cross-training in all classes.  Did you know that?  That’s why the kids are almost always moving (as long as it’s safe) during the class.  They could be doing the jump rope, balance board, exercise wheel and many other things right during the gymnastics class to enhance all around fitness. 

Motion Evolution is one of Horizon’s classes that incorporates a ton of cross-training and also includes a bit of nutrition!  It’s a great class and Horizon is the only one licensed to run this wonderful program on this side of 131!  Ask us all about it!

Give Horizon a call at 616-669-7722 for more information on any class or to sign up and have a blast!

Here’s to a healthy America!