Countdown for “Little Dragons” ages 3 – 5 is only 2 days away . . .

Little Dragons is so exciting!  And  it begins in only 2 days! 

 Do you know what “Little Dragons” is?  It’s a karate and self defense class for little 3 – 5 year olds.  Can you believe that?  When you think about it, wouldn’t it be great if your little one knew what to do if a stranger approached?  That will be taught along with

  • karate moves
  • coordination
  • games
  • lesson  plans for great learning
  • and FUN!

You’re probably wondering when the class is, right?  It’s on Tuesdays from 4:15 – 5:00 p.m. and begins this coming Tuesday, September 18, 2012!  Here are a few more things they will learn:

  • self confidence
  • protection skills
  • increased focus and concentration
  • respect
  • make new friends!

The school year cost is only $26/month!  Why not give Horizon’s office a call right now at 616-669-7722 and register.  We think you will be glad you did!