Christmas Special!

Christmas Special!  Are you wondering what to give for a fun, exciting, healthy Christmas gift?  Here is an idea for new students!
How about Gymnastics or Dance classes?  Do your children or grandchildren love to dance around the room (dance classes) or are they full of energy (gymnastics or dance classes)?   Did you know that just by doing an activity such as gymnastics or dance once per week their reading and math scores can go up by up to 10%?  That is the mind/body connection at work! 
This Christmas Special includes one entire month (January 2014) of Gymnastics or Dance and a Leotard of your choice in our proshop,  and Registration for only $99!  Classes begin at age 18 months and go all the way to 18 years old!
 Call Horizon at 616-669-7722 to enroll or for more information.  This offer expires on Thursday, December 19, 2013.
Happy Holidays!