Cheer Benefits

Do your children just love to watch cheerleaders?  And dream of being a cheerleader too?  There are many benefits for cheer,  just like gymnastics and dance.  Horizon has cheer from 4 years old and up!  The 4 – 6 year old group is called Cheerbears and is just so cute – and beneficial too.  Here are some of the benefits of cheer, no matter what the age:

  • self esteem – number 1!  To be proud of what you can do is awesome.
  • flexibility
  • strength
  • coordination
  • braingym activity that promotes the mind/body connection

Did you know  that by doing an activity as cheer (or a similar movement activity) reading and math can increase by up to 10%.  That is a double benefit!  Fitness and academics – why not join  a cheer class today?  We think you’ll be happy you did!