Body Awareness

Did you know that body awareness is important in all sports?  The more that you are aware of your body, the better in sports (and safety too) you will be.  Karate is a great example.  If you would ever need to defend yourself, your kick or punch would need to be done correctly for the maximum effectiveness, right?  That is body awareness.  And, don’t get me wrong – karate is NOT for punching or kicking unless in class or in self defense :). 

Gymnastics is another example of body awareness.  As a gymnast you are upside down and right-side-up.  Now that takes a ton of strength and coordination which directly goes hand in hand with body awareness.  In order to flip, twist and somersault you will definitely need to know where your body is. 

Train and practice movement skills.  They will come in very handy.  Body awareness is a great tool to have!