Area schools coming to Horizon

We are so excited to be able to offer our newest program, Motion Evolution to the area schools.  The schools have put this information throughout their entire student body.  This is great, since many schools do not even offer physical activity anymore. 

Our newest program’s name is Motion Evolution, MoEv for short. As children domany types of movements that are presented in MoEv,   brain development is enhanced as it is linked to physical fitness.

The neat part of this program is that there are “brain experts” involved in MoEv with the most top notch information available.  This information, pertaining to the mind (brain) as it connects with the body,  provides the strongest link and benefit to the children for better/faster learning and fitness for life. 

MoEv also includes a nutritional component.  We all know how important that is!  For example, this past week we had a handout about Vitamin D, the benefits and a small homework assignment where the children would go home and look for Vitamin D on their food labels at home or in the store.  Each week there is another component of nutrition to help with understanding of how important it is.

MoEv is non competitive.  Just a bunch of fun and benefits all rolled up into one fantastic package!

Please join us or give us a call if you would like more information.  You can reach us at 616-669-7722.

Thank you!