Active Kids, Project 52

Ready to Leapfrog!

Do you have active kids (or wish you did)?  Active kids/Project 52 is all about active kids. At least one picture will be taken of child(ren) being active in a different way,  per week for an entire year.  So the 52 stands for 52 weeks in the  year.  We thought you might like to see lots of different ways children can be active and having fun, while helping to  stay healthy and fit.  You might even get some ideas for your children.  After all, moving of all types is important in children’s (and adult’s) health,  right? 

There will be children of all ages and doing all sorts of activities.  You will be able to see the active kids/project 52 on the Horizon website:  www.thehorizoncomplex.comand on our Horizon facebook page (liking us on facebook will help you to not miss a single picture)!

Here’s to being active and having  fun!