Health & Fitness Builds Children

You’ll love how Horizon builds health and fitness into each class and activity. When children are fit, health will naturally follow

You will see your children keeping active in class rather than sitting or waiting in line. All full of movement and positive energy is a great boost leading to more activity, which leads to an active child, both inside and outside of class

We’ve all read the horror stories lately about the problems our kids face in living a sedentary lifestyle.  They sit all day at school, then come home to TV, video games and junk food.  Is it any wonder that one out of four kids today face obesity problems

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A major part of our program is character-building, instilling in children the self-confidence and know-how they need to become happy and successful.  Each month a different word (Power Word) is presented to each class and explained each and every week of that month by the individual coaches in a 3 – 5 minute “mat chat” segment.  At the end of the month, the students are asked to explain what the word means.  The explanations are awesome.  Following are some examples of recent experiences with the students:

The word of the month was “Generosity”.  Here is the story as told from two of the coaches:

“I told the children ages 3 – 5 about generosity.  It is the habit of giving.  Have you ever given a toy to toys for tots at Christmas time?  Yea!  Or have you cleaned your toom and surprised your mom?  Yea!  They raised their hand.  Nina (5) said “I clean my room!”

Here’s another:
“We were talking about the difference between being generous and sharing.  I used an example of having a handful of candy.  I said if you share you would give an equal amount to everyone including some for yourself, but if you want to be generous, you would give it all away.  Then I asked if anyone has done anything like that.  They all said no!, but I share.”

Isn’t that great?  Now they know the difference!