We welcome everyone with open arms. This program’s curriculum has been endorsed by Sports Doctors, Physical Theraptists and Teachers with Phd’s in Special Education. Our Special Needs progressive booklets are set up so they are achieving small successees continually. Below are just a few of the benefits your child will experience through our program:

The Special Needs Programs are carefully designed to teach balance, movement, and specific gross motor skills in a developmental, carefully sequenced and fun manner. By continually weaving in previously mastered skills throughout new lessons, the levels have been scaffolded to constantly support new learning.

We have qualitifed and experienced teachers who have the patience needed to teach the skills so that they are understood and can be performed.The benefits of Gymnastics to all children is significant (click to view report).  Horizon makes it possible for all children to experience the benefits of gymnastics through our guiding mission and motto, to make our community the healthiest in West Michigan and leave no one behind while doing it..Classes are held on Wednesdays.

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