School-age Gymnastics

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This program is for children kindergarten and up.  It was designed to safely progress them from the most basic gymnastics skills all the way through elite level skills.  The classes are split up by skill level, so that each child is challenged to his or her own potential.  Each level, 1-10, has a set of skill requirements to master on the floor exercise, balance beam, bars, and trampoline.  There is a corresponding color associated with each level, and each child receives a Born to Flip bracelet in the color of their skill level.  They strive to reach the next level, to attain the next bracelet.

To ensure that each child is challenged to his or her potential, a free skill evaluation is recommended.  Regardless of if a child has gymnastics experience, it is a good idea to be evaluated, so that he/she is placed in the correct starting level.

A leotard is required for all female gymnasts, and male gymnasts must wear a t-shirt tucked into shorts. Long pants and footed tights are not permitted. Hair that is shoulder-length or longer must be pulled back. We do not recommend pony tails, as they make rolls painful and difficult!

2017-2018 Class Schedule

Level 1&2
Monday 4:15pm
Monday 6:30pm
Tuesday 5pm
Tuesday 5:45pm
Thursday 4:30pm
Thursday 5pm
Thursday 6:45pm

Level 3&4
Monday 5:15pm
Monday 6:30pm
Thursday 5:30pm

Level 5&up
Monday 6:30pm
Tuesday 6:30pm

4th Grade & up
Monday 5:30pm

Trampoline & Tumbling
Tuesday 7pm

BOYS: Yes!
Gymnastics is absolutely essential for developing strength and body awareness.  As a parent, you will have the peace of mind that your son is learning safe progressions for all the flips and turns they attempt at home.  Here at Horizon, we place a strong emphasis on trampoline skills, which is very appealing to boys.  These skills are beneficial for success in virtually all other sports.  The best part is that no girls are allowed in our specially designed boys classes!

Boys T&T Tuesday 6pm

Open Gymnastics
Open gymnastics is the perfect time for all children 1st grade and up to come and burn some energy!  No gymnastics skills are required to come and have a great time bouncing on our Olympic style trampolines, jump into our foam pit, climb our ropes, and have fun with friends.  Children that are enrolled in gymnastics classes also use this time to work on their skills. A release form must be signed by the parent or legal guardian to participate.  School-age open gymnastics sessions are on Friday nights, from 7-9pm (September- call for start date –  through May).