This class if for those 7-18 year olds that want to learn the latest dance moves they see in their favorite movies and television shows! This class is designed for the beginning hip hop dancer. Following the warm-up the students will go on to work on their progressions across the floor, and combinations in the center of the room. The students will focus on body movements, character development, and isolations, using today’s popular modern steps. The child will learn how to work well with others and improve fine and gross motor skills, such as hand eye coordination, while building strength and flexibility. Hip Hop portion: This class is designed for any student interested in what one may call “music video” dance. Hip-Hop is a combination of jazz and funk combined with the technique called the pop-and-lock. Unlike jazz classes however, hip-hop does not concentrate on leaps and turns, but rather technical tricks. They dance to contemporary hip-hop, pop, and dance music.

Black jazz capri pants,  purple tank top, and black jazz shoes are required for this class.  You may purchase the package at Horizon for:
child: $54.95
adult: $58.45

2017-2018 Class Schedule
Thursday 6:45pm

2017 Summer Class Schedule – click the link to register!
Tuesday 5:30pm