Talent is enhanced from lots of hard work. The toes, feet, legs, torso, head, arms, fingers. Every body part is used in dance and gymnastics. The body is trained to be strong and fluid, fast and slow, sharp and soft, whatever the choreography requires. Both dance and gymnastics training builds strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, and the confidence that comes with mastering a skill and achieving a goal.

Beyond all the technicalities and artistries, dance and gymnastics is FUN. Your child will associate dancing and gymnastics with happiness. Your child will celebrate with dancing, while burning that extra energy through gymnastics. It’s an emotional boost.

The gymnastics/ballet combo program is separated into age groups and will give your child the opportunity to discover their love for dance, gymnastics or both. The student progresses through the program by advancing through levels, based on the achievements outlined for each level. You’ll love to see how your child progresses in, not only skills, but coordination, fluidity of movement, AND confidence in everyday life.

Dress code: dance leotard and footless tights



2017-2018 Class Schedule

4&5 year olds
Wednesday 6pm

6-10 year olds
Wednesday 6:45pm