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Christmas Camps and Open Gyms! What are you doing?

Christmas Camps filling up! What are your kids doing during Christmas Break?  Horizon has the solution to get rid of some of that pent up energy and tons of fun!  There are Camps – 2 different ones!  And also Open Gyms!!!  See below: Register online or give our office a call at 616-669-7722 Arts and […]

Christmas Special!

Christmas Special!  Are you wondering what to give for a fun, exciting, healthy Christmas gift?  Here is an idea for new students! How about Gymnastics or Dance classes?  Do your children or grandchildren love to dance around the room (dance classes) or are they full of energy (gymnastics or dance classes)?   Did you know that just […]

WisdomGym Educational Adventure Preschool

Some of you are probably wondering – “What is WisdomGym?”   Well, it’s a “regular” preschool – for ages 3 – 5 year olds –  doing math, reading, creative stations AND a “booster” program of gymnastics which is included!  Did you kow that just by doing an activity as gymnastics once per week, children’s math and […]

Parents Night Out – coming soon – ages 4 – 12

Saturday, November 23, 2013 is Parents Night Out!  These are soooo much fun for the children and for YOU!  YOU get some free time to do whatever you would like and the kids get to have a blast!  Here are a few of the things the kids will be doing: obstacle course in the big […]


You’ve probably heard the phrase “the proof is in the pudding” right?  In the title of this article:  Proof positive, there are a few things at play here.  The first is how important positive reinforcement is.  That is Horizon’s first and formost most important aspect.  After all, if you believe in yourself, you can go […]

Born To Flip testing – did you know?

The “Born To Flip” program at Horizon is testing level 1 – 2 (school age gymnastics program) now.  I thought you might like to know how the “Born To Flip” program works, so here it is :). The Born To Flip program tests the beginners (level 1 -2)   approximately every 9 weeks.  If students begin at […]

Field Trips – did you know?

It’s getting to that time of year, when we think about being inside.  It’s a great time for a field trip to Horizon!  I thought you might like a little information about how field trips work here. First we warm up with all of the children together and stretch a bit.  Then divide the group […]

Escape to Fitness!

Did you know that we also have an adult fitness center?  While your children are getting fit at Horizon, YOU can be getting fit at the Escape Fitness Center!  It is in the same building as Horizon with state of the art equipment for adults. There are also classes such as yoga, bootcamp and karate […]

Fun Nights (parents’ night out)

Hi Everyone! Thought you might like to know about Fun Nights!  That’s exactly what they are – FUN!  It gives the kids a chance to get rid of some energy and YOU some time to enjoy yourself however you would like!  For 3 full hours!  AND it includes a PIZZA SNACK! The next fun night […]