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Ninja Birthday Parties!

Did you know that we have Ninja Birthday Parties? They are so much fun! You are probably wondering what they do at a Ninja Birthday Party. Here are a few things: * a warm up with Ninja moves * the bat hang (with the balance beam) * the great window escape (with the bars) * […]

The Math and Gymnastics Connection

Did you know math is a spatial sport? The more different ways children move, the more connections are made in the brain that improve spatial awareness! For kiddos to be able to understand equations of math and geometric principles, they need good spatial skills. All gymnastics moves improve the body awareness and by doing so, […]

Flipping on Focus!

Any time a child does activities that involve moving large muscles and the compression of joints, this is referred to heavy work. HEAVY WORK is a term in therapy used to describe the types of activities that help focus the brain. Climbing, leaping, hanging and flipping are examples of GREAT heavy work for kiddos. Focusing […]

Gymnastics Can Make You Smarter? You Bet!

Can gymnastics really make you smarter?  Why, yes it can.  Let’s look and see how it works. Reading, writing, focus and great connections for math too are a benefit from gymnastics! For this post, let’s talk about reading and math. By doing an activity as gymnastics, math and reading scores can go up by 10%!  […]

New Ninja classes starting

Did you know we have Ninja classes?  The boys absolutely  love the movement and new skills.  Ninja rolls, bat hangs, wall climbs, wall walks, and the great window escape are just a few of the new skills they will learn. The ages are 3 – 11 and are separated accordingly.  The goal of the Ninjas […]

Camps, camps, camps!

Did you know Horizon has tons and tons of Summer Camps? They are open to everyone, members and non-members ages 3.5 – 12. All of the descriptions are online! This week is construction (so much fun) and arts and crafts, and princess and sports! We have only a few openings left in these. Give our […]

Summer Camps are a blast!

Did you know Horizon has Summer Camps?  There are so many themes including super heros, princess, legos, cooking, gymnastics, dance camps and many more.  All these and explanations too, are under the camp tab.  You can register there too!  Or give our office a call at 616-669-7722 and we’ll get you all set. Here’s to […]

WisdomGym Educational Adventure Preschool

Have you heard about WisdomGym?  It’s a full fledged preschool located right in Horizon Complex!  Kids (and parents too) love it because it is sooo much fun for the kids AND they test out higher in academics than average for kindergarten.  WG is endorsed by Dr. Steven VanNoord, an area sports doctor too. I thought you […]

Parents’ Night Out/Fun Nights

Have you heard about our Parents’ Night Out?  They are also called Fun Nights – for both YOU and YOUR CHILDREN! The kids will have a blast at Horizon, jumping in the foam pit, checking out a huge obstacle course, using our very bouncy trampolines, building a fort out of foam blocks, get rid of […]